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Launching an application is the first big step in a journey. Get the enterprise PHP platform and services you need to create mission-critical PHP web servers and applications with offerings from Zend that include:

Zend Server

Efficiently develop, debug, and monitor secure, highly available PHP applications in real-time on this platform.

Long-Term PHP Support

Cut risk with 5-year support beyond a PHP version’s release date?—?and get support for your full open source stack.

白小姐一肖一码开中特马肖中特马:PHP Services

Boost PHP security,?developer and DevOps efficiency, and app performance with comprehensive services.

Training and Certification

Increase productivity and marketability with expert PHP training and industry certifications.

PHP Tools

Meet basic PHP development and code-protection needs with additional Zend technologies and offerings.

The State of PHP Report

According to W3Tech, 80% of the world’s websites use PHP. See what developers have to say about how they’re using PHP today, and what their plans are for the future in this report.

PHP Report

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